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Anabelle Nuelle
June 17, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

In the Vineyard - Fruit Setting & Vineyard Management

Our Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling vines are in the “pea berry stage”, while our red varieties, alongside Viognier and Petit Manseng, trail about a week behind.  In the past weeks, flower blooms have become fruit, a process that commences only after the flowers have been pollinated and the fruit has set. While early grapes develop, our team busies themselves cleaning trunks, shoot positioning, shoot thinning, and leaf pulling. Trunk cleaning, shoot positioning and shoot thinning address how the vines grow - (in order) removing sucker shoots from the trunk, arranging desired shoots into neat vertical positions, and removing extra shoots to promote airflow and reduce crop load to ideal numbers. With leaf pulling, or canopy management, we remove additional leaves in the fruiting zone to better expose the fruit to the sun. This practice helps to control how much energy the vines are pulling into the fruit versus the leaves and encourages additional airflow to protect the fruit against mold and mildew. These tasks keep our team busy for the whole of June and July when, with early signs of verasion, we will begin netting the vineyard.

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Anabelle Nuelle
June 7, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

June's Blooms, Butterflies & Bees

To arrive at our property this time of year is to find yourself surrounded by green: lush pastures, rolling hills, the wooded mountain, and the green rows of Pinot Gris and Chardonnay vines set against the red roof of St. Luke’s Church.  All of this is visible from the acres dedicated for guests to enjoy our wine, yet this spectacular vista is a sliver of the bigger picture. Our estate stretches across 700 acres, from the forest line atop Carter’s Mountain to Jefferson’s Monticello to Monroe’s Highland home. Since our beginning we have cared deeply for this land, investing in its health and wellbeing well beyond the benefit to our vineyards.

Preserving Our Land & Water

In the 1970's the first generation of Woodward owners, Shirley and Stanley Sr., placed nearly 700 acres under conservation easement in perpetuity, setting the stage for our county to have the third most land conservation in Virginia. With this act, the Woodward’s protected our land from future development and inspired others around them to do the same. Our vistas, the beauty of the natural world, and the historic corridor upon which we sit will remain as is for generations to come.

The first Woodward owners made clear their belief that this land and its resources are worth protecting. Each subsequent generation has followed in their footsteps and cared ceaselessly for the property. As we have preserved our land, we have worked to protect waterways from harmful agricultural runoff. The streams and tributaries that pass through our property eventually filter into the Chesapeake Bay, one of the largest estuaries in the United States. We protect these precious resources from our cattle operation by constructing extensive fencing at least 90 feet away from on-property waterways. Though the health of the Chesapeake has improved, we continue to do our part, reducing the impact of our cattle on our waterways as best we can. Most recently, our environmental attention has turned towards our pollinator populations.

Supporting Our Pollinators

Pollinator populations have been in decline for years – 50% of honey bee hives collapse annually in the United States [1]. This population decrease is a threat not just to pollinators, but to us all. Pollination is critical to the wellbeing of ecosystems and the success of agriculture. Some experts have estimated that about one-third of every bite of food we eat exists thanks to pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other insects [2]. The predominant threat to these precious pollinators is simply the loss of healthy habitat – a problem remedied by ensuring hives are located on healthy land with robust forge and ecosystems. Accordingly, we have tried to provide a home and habitat for these critical creatures.

We host ten apiaries on our property to foster honey bee populations. Honey bees are a super-organism, a collective of individuals and generations working selflessly together for the survival of the whole colony. Each of these apiaries safely houses a queen bee and hundreds of thousands of bees, giving them space in which to build their hives and bolster their populations. Beyond a safe haven, we have transformed acres of our property to provide ideal food and habitat. Seven of our acres are now dedicated wildflower meadows. Spread between three distinct plots on our 700 acre property, these meadows are filled with native wildflowers.

Additionally, in March of 2020, we planted 12,500 Tulip Poplar Trees to bolster critical ecosystem diversity. Unfortunately, many native trees in our area have been replaced by Loblolly Pines as a source of timber. By planting Tulip Poplar trees, we repopulate our land with one of Virginia’s largest native tree species. Adult Poplar trees bloom in vibrant color; their large flowers are a near-neon yellow with a halo of orange around its base. Jefferson himself described the Tulip Poplar as “The Juno of our Groves" and planted one at Monticello [3].

Upon returning their hives after visiting these floral oases, our bees transform the collected pollen into honey. The honey serves as food for the bees to help them survive the winter. We harvest any extra honey as a partner farm of the Elysium Honey Company. Elysium Honey is a local organization dedicated to caring properly for local pollinator populations and sharing the amazing, unaltered honey that comes from these hives. We provide the utmost care for our bees and are thrilled to soon share our first ever, 100% estate honey.

The Gardens You See

Arriving on our property, you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of lush green in the midst of which bursts our brightly colored English Gardens. Bordering our patio, this Cottage Garden was designed to bloom eight months of the year, attracting butterflies, bees, and more beneficial insects into this ecosystem. These gardens remind us of all that is precious and beautiful about our land, and Virginia. So, as you enjoy your wine in view of the garden’s spectacular color think of the Tulip Poplars and wildflower meadows tucked out of sight, know the water that filters through our grounds is being cared for, as are the honeybees that float amongst the flowers.

To further welcome the end of Spring, we’ve selected wines that best reflect this spectacular season, each fruit-forward and full of floral notes. The Traminette 2019 is our most floral wine, with rose, easter lily and pear on the nose – a bouquet reminiscent of exotic perfume. Our Riesling too greets you with notes of lavender while each of our rosé wines boast berry notes and are themselves a burst of color as bright as Spring. Find each in our Limited Release Shop

[1] “The Elysium Honey Co.” The Elysium Honey Company,

[2] “Natural Resources Conservation Service - Insects and Pollinators.” NRCS, USDA ,

[3] “Tulip Poplar - Liriodendron Tulipifera.” Monticello, The Thomas Jefferson Foundation,

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Anabelle Nuelle
May 28, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

In the Vineyard: Flowering

Spring has arrived in full.  Now that the threat of frost has passed, a season of spectacular growth has begun. In Mid-April, dormant vines first burst into life during bud break.  Now the grapevines enter the critical flowering phase. Miniature green spheres which house the pollen-carrying parts of the flower called “calyptras”, or “caps” develop underneath a wild canopy of new leaves. At the vine’s discretion, these caps open to reveal a minimalist flower -  just a pistil and pollen-carrying stamen. Slowly but surely, the pistil is pollinated and each flower transforms into a tiny green berry which itself becomes fruit - the makings of a wonderful harvest.

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Attila Woodward
May 19, 2021 | Attila Woodward

Taste of Place

"If you've traveled or lived away from home, you have no doubt discovered the importance of "taste of place".  In most cases, climate and culture dictate the ingredients that will be on your plate, or inside your glass.  The textures, flavors, and colors of foods in each location are unique because each place is different.  Flavors formed by a particular environment and culture.  I learned that most acutely while living 14 years in Vietnam.  Vietnamese food is beloved by many because of the sheer variety of ingredients and flavors.  Culture furthered this delicious cuisine, a blend of Cambodian, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese all mixed into one delightful outcome.  The concept of 'taste of place' is equally applicable to wine, but we call it a fancy name - "terroir".  Virginia's terroir, and especially our very own terroir, influences the wines we produce.  For example, I love how rich and complex our Viognier wines turn out - a true expression of the rich vibrant clay soils and the power of this land. Petit Verdot, with its tannic structure, is equally impressive.  I have yet to taste a Viognier or Petit Verdot comparable to what we find here in Virginia.  To me, this uniqueness in taste of place is something to be treasured.  As we look back at our 40-year wine exploration at Jefferson Vineyards, we hope you will enjoy our 40 year anniversary bundle - an expression of the varietals (Viognier, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc) that reflect some of the best of our land.  Salud! "

- Attila Woodward, Our Managing Partner

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Anabelle Nuelle
April 20, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

A Toast to Forty Years

To Thomas Jefferson, wine was a "necessity of life." [1].  In a glass, he seemed to see a benefit to health, to culture, and to society. In his founding vision of our young country, he perceived a place for wine and carved a place for our first commercial viticultural endeavor in Albemarle County. It is on that same land that our forty-year legacy continuing Jefferson's vision began. 

The Founding Vision 

In 1773, convinced by Benjamin Franklin and sponsored by Thomas Adams, a friend of Jefferson’s, prominent Italian viticulturalist, Philip Mazzei, arrived in Virginia.[2] Mazzei shared Jefferson’s vision of planting vines and bringing to the new world the centuries old viticultural tradition. On his way to land promised to him, he and Thomas Adams paid a visit to Monticello. Without hesitation, Jefferson persuaded Mazzei to conduct his agricultural endeavors not on the separate tracts of land promised to him, but as his neighbor. Jefferson offered Mazzei land adjacent to his own, land that is a part of our present-day property, just south of Monticello.[3]

One year later, Mazzei established a commercial agricultural company for “the purpose of raising and making wine, oil, agruminous plants and silk” with the support of 38 shareholders including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson himself.[4] Mazzei was taken with his land, later exclaiming “In my opinion, when the country is populated in proportion to its extent, the best wine in the world will be made here…I do not believe that nature is so favorable to growing vines in any country as this.”[5] Mazzei was deeply moved by American politics, he declared himself a patriot and first suggested the famous words “All men are created equal”.[6] Though his precious vines were later trampled by the horses of a Hessian General, Mazzei anticipated the success of Virginia wine and supported Jefferson’s own viticultural vision for the new world.[7]

Pioneers in Virginia Wine

Centuries later, Shirley and Stanley Woodward Sr. saw the same viticultural potential in the land. The Woodwards purchased the Colle property on the advice of their close friends, Major General “Pa” Watson and Mrs. Watson, whose own nearby Kenwood home was frequently visited by President F.D. Roosevelt. The Woodwards commissioned Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s distant cousin to construct their house atop of the foundation of Mazzei’s original home. There, the couple entertained a range of friends, family, and dignitaries. On numerous occasions, they hosted President Harry S. Truman, the first of which coincided with the Roswell UFO incident.

Having lived in Paris, Stanley Woodward was passionate about European wines, like Jefferson. At each of the Woodward's gatherings, a bottle of wine stood at the center of the table, a centerpiece around which colorful conversations took place. To share wines crafted from their historic land with their guests, Stanley and Shirley Woodward Sr. hired Gabriele Rausse. Like Mazzei, Rausse came to Virginia from Italy and brought with him rich viticultural expertise, and revived Jefferson’s viticultural vision.

Having previously played a critical role in instituting Barboursville Vineyards, Rausse became our first winemaker. In 1981, he planted European grapes such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Rausse himself came to be regarded as the Father of Virginian wine. Virginia was in its infancy as a growing region; there existed no expertise to reference as Rausse experimented with varietals and the Woodwards continued to invest in the vineyards. Only a handful of other wineries existed in the region at the time and success followed after a tedious process of trial, error, resilience, and impassioned perseverance. Yet, the Woodwards and Rausse saw in the land the same potential Mazzei recognized. As pioneers in Virginian wine, the Woodwards strove to provide a home for Virginia’s early wine talent.

Incubators of Talent

In 1993, the second generation of Woodwards, Marie Jose and Stanely Jr., took the reins and committed themselves to elevate the characteristics of our wine. Following Rausse, the Woodwards recruited Michael Shaps to Virginia. Shaps greatly advanced the quality of our wine and is now a renowned figure in the present-day Virginia wine industry. The French Frantz Ventre followed Shaps, and created intricate nonfiltered wines that aged beautifully. In their last decade at the vineyards, they hired Andy Reagan. Reagan furthered the quality of our red wines and garnered much acclaim.

In 2013, the third generation of Woodwards came to the helm of Jefferson Vineyards, and with them came a new winemaker. Chris Ritzcovan continued the legacy of merit set by the talents before him. With his expertise, our Viognier program in particular shines as an emblem of consistency and excellence. With each winemaker and every vintage came an opportunity to advance our craftsmanship, to continue in Jefferson’s viticultural vision, and to propel forward the reputation of Virginia as a wine destination.

Our Place

Tucked between Jefferson’s Monticello and Monroe’s Highland, our land first defined our story. Here, Mazzei began his early attempt to realize Jefferson’s viticultural dream. It is this same land that attracted Shirley and Stanley Woodward and inspired them to create European wines like those which so enamored Jefferson. It is to this land that we today welcome our patrons and on which we strive to produce high-quality wine.

Though our visitors see only a small fraction of our property, our estate span 700 acres nestled between Carter Mountain and two presidential homes. The Woodwards began caring for this historic land before we made our first wine, placing nearly 700 acres of land under conservation easement in perpetuity to protect it from development for generations to come. We have invested in the health of our land and its inhabitants, from caring for our orchards and vineyards by hand, to the eight acres of wildflowers planted to support pollinators, and to the 12,500 tulip poplar trees planted to improve the health of our ecosystem.

Just as we have cared for the land, we are investing the care for our community. In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, Jefferson Vineyards has partnered with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and committed to a donation capable of funding approximately 48,000 meals across the Thomas Jefferson service area.

A Toast to Forty Years 

We have faced trials and tribulations over our forty-year heritage, but none have been so great as to deter us from pursuing Thomas Jefferson’s viticultural dream on the land it was first attempted. Here, we drew inspiration from the efforts of Philip Mazzei and Thomas Jefferson to create a legacy establishing and advancing the reputation of Virginian wine. Our Viognier and Petit Verdot programs continue in this pursuit.

Over the course of these four decades, we have expanded and experimented with a range of wines in a ceaseless effort to share with our patrons the best expressions of our craft. We have created a broad range of traditional wines and experimented with unique grape varieties and production techniques. In every glass we have tasted and every bottle we have shared, we continue in our founding legacy and find endless reason to continue forward. 

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary and all we have accomplished together, we are revealing the rich details of our history and craftsmanship by opening our cellars to offer monthly limited vintage releases. Additionally, we will share the details of our story and the wines that have defined us over the decades through our blog. 

We thank our patrons and the Virginia wine industry for their ceaseless support. Please join us as we raise a glass to the years to come - the bright future ahead for Virginia, its wine, and us all. 



[1] Thomas Jefferson memorial association of the United States, et al. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. Definitive ed. / Washington, D.C.: Issued under the auspices of the Thomas Jefferson memorial association of the United States, 1905

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[6] United States, Congress, Cong. House – Post Office and Civil Service. Designating October 1993 and October 1994 as “Italian-American Heritage and Culture Mont, 1994. 103rd Congress, 2nd Session, Bill H.J.Res.175, 1994.

[7] Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, January 25, 1793, in PTJ, 25:92. Transcription available at Founders Online.

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Anabelle Nuelle
April 13, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

Viognier & Petit Verdot - A Record of Excellence

Every year, we submit our wines to a select few competitions around the country in acknowledgment of our dedication to our craft and in an effort to demonstrate the merit of Virginian wines nationwide.  We have been honored with many awards but are especially proud of the accolades our Viognier and Petit Verdot have received, as these varietals have defined Jefferson Vineyards and Virginia alike.


2019 Viognier

DOUBLE GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2020

93 POINTS - Vinepair 2020, The Twenty-Eight Best White Wines for 2021

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2021

GOLD - Savor Virginia Magazine, Reader's Choice Awards 

2019 Estate Reserve White
100% Viognier

DOUBLE GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2021

GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2020

2018 Viognier

DOUBLE GOLD - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2020

GOLD, BEST OF VIOGNIER - Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition 2019

90 POINTS - American Wine Society 2020

89 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2019

2017 Estate Reserve White

100% Viognier

GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2019

2017 Skin Contact Viognier 

GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2020

2016 Viognier

GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2017

GOLD - Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition 2017

GOLD, GOVERNOR'S CASE - Virginia Governor's Case 2018

2015 Viognier

DOUBLE GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2017

GOLD, GOVERNOR'S CASE - Virginia Governor's Cup 2018

GOLD - Jefferson Cup 2016

2015 Estate Reserve White

58% Viognier

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2017

2013 Viognier

PLATINUM - Virginia Wine Lover Magazine 2014

DOUBLE GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2014

2012 Viognier

CUP WINNER - Jefferson Cup 2013

2011 Viognier

MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE - Jefferson Cup 2012

2009 Viognier

PLATINUM - International Eastern Wine Competition 2010

PLATINUM - VAWL Classic 2010

PLATINUM, BEST OF CLASS - Lodi Wine Awards 2010

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2010

GOLD - Sommeliers Challenge 2010

GOLD - Tasters Guild International 2010

GOLD - Finger Lakes International Wine & Spirits Competition 2010

2008 Viognier

GOLD - San Francisco International Wine Competition 2009

DOUBLE GOLD - Jefferson Cup 2009

GOLD - San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2009

2007 Viognier

DOUBLE GOLD - Finger Lakes International Wine & Spirits Competition 2008

DOUBLE GOLD - International Eastern Wine Competition 2008

GOLD - Indianapolis International 2008

GOLD - San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2008

GOLD - Tasters Guild International 2008

Petit Verdot 

2019 Petit Verdot 

91 POINTS - American Wine Society

2017 Petit Verdot 

GOLD - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2020

2016 Petit Verdot 

90 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2019

89 POINTS - American Wine Society 2020

2016 Estate Reserve

100% Petit Verdot

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2021

89 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2019

2014 Petit Verdot 

GOLD, GOVERNOR'S CASE  - Virginia Governor's Cup 2017

GOLD - San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition 2017

GOLD - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2018

2014 Estate Reserve

100% Petit Verdot

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2018

90 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2018

2012 Petit Verdot 

GOLD - Virginia Wine Lover Magazine 2014

2012 Estate Reserve

42% Petit Verdot

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2015

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2016

2009 Petit Verdot 

GOLD - San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2010

2008 Petit Verdot

DOUBLE GOLD - Jefferson Cup 2009

GOLD - Tasters Guild International 2010

GOLD - Monterey International Wine Competition 2010

GOLD - VAWL Classic 2010

2007 Petit Verdot 

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2009

GOLD - Tasters Guild International 2009

2005 Petit Verdot 

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2008

Petit Verdot Driven Meritage

2016 Meritage 

55% Petit Verdot, 25% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 3% Malbec

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2019

GOLD - Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition 2019

2015 Meritage

34% Petit Verdot, 26% Cabernet Franc, 24% Merlot, 13% Malbec, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon 

90 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2018

2014 Meritage

36% Petit Verdot, 35% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2018

GOLD - Monticello Cup 2017

2013 Meritage

47% Petit Verdot, 21% Merlot, 19% Cabernet Franc, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon

89 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2018

2012 Meritage

47% Petit Verdot, 28% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2015

GOLD - Virginia Governor's Cup 2017

90 POINTS - International Wine Review Report 2015

89 POINTS, EDITOR'S CHOICE -  Wine Enthusiast October 2015

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Anabelle Nuelle
March 25, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

David Woodside, Our Assistant Winemaker

"Viognier is not only one of my favorite wines to drink, but it is one of the best varietals to work with. I love the versatility of Viognier. It can stand alone as a steel fermented or steel aged wine with all of its fruit characteristics, or as a light barrel-fermented wine for added complexity. One of my favorite wines we do is our skin-contact Viognier where we ferment the whole barrels on their skins before pressing. This allows for all the phenols to be extracted and creates a truly unique experience in the glass. Our 2019 Skin Fermented Viognier is delicious. I love enjoying this golden varietal out in the field after a long day of work with our "golden" vineyard assistant, Malcolm!" 

- David Woodside, Our Assistant Winemaker 

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary and enjoy our Featured Wines, click here.

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Anabelle Nuelle
March 10, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

The Secret to Our Viognier

Peach, apricot, and lychee on the nose, a delicately balanced palate precede a round and lengthy finish. This is our golden-toned Viognier. Pronounced "vee-ON-yay", this French grape has found a home as the state grape of Virginia. Crafted from vines cared for by hand, aged for months, and created with the artisan expertise of our winemaking team, it is Jefferson Vineyard's flagship white, our most consistently awarded wine. 

With decades of Viognier production and accolades, we're ready to share the secret behind this delicious white wine. Curious to learn more? Read on. 

In the Vineyards 

We designate nearly a quarter of our twenty-two planted acres to Viognier grapes. These fickle grapes are challenging to grow, but for us, the risk is well worth the reward. These bright green grapes flourish with strong sun and heat and more water than other varietals; a perfect complement to Virginia rains and summers. For over a decade, Hector and Nora Guzman, with the help of their family, have cared for these vines.

Though labor-intensive, the Guzmans prune, hedge, and pick the fruit by hand, ensuring each bud, shoot and grape receive personal attention. Viognier in particular cannot compete with other growth - be it grass or weeds - and must be tended to accordingly. Shoots that grow laterally instead of horizontally (known as ‘lateral shoots’) are corrected. Hector and his family keep watch for the early signs of pests or disease, meticulously maintaining our vineyards' health. And when the end of August rolls around, they harvest only the healthiest and most robust of fruit.

In the Winery

Great wine cannot be made without great fruit and of course, great winemakers. Chris Ritzcovan, our winemaker, and David Woodside, our assistant winemaker, have been working together in our winery for nine years. Throughout their tenure, the two have approached production with a steady commitment to both quality and creativity.

Before our Viognier is harvested, our team tests the fruit for particular sugar levels that will bring forth the apricot or peach flavors and floral aromas that epitomize the viognier varietal.  Once in the winery, they begin the stylistic processes that distinguish our viognier. They inoculate the wine with commercial yeast, ferment it in oak barrels and stir the barrels on their lees to build the body and weight you sense in a sip of our final product. 

To age the Viognier, again consideration is given to the precise barrel type. On the wine, their selection gives way to a toasted influence, carefully curated to complement the fruit and structure of Viognier.

In the Glass

Nearly eight months after the fruit is picked, our Viognier is bottled and shared through our tasting room. It is championed by people like Heather Lavelle, our Retail Operations Manager, who will tell you our Viognier, though different from those of other regions, is consistent. Attila Woodward, our owner, will tell you he fell in love with Viognier because it is so beautifully balanced and pairs wonderfully with the South East Asian cuisine he spent over a decade enjoying while living in Vietnam. Both work to share their passion for this wine, submitting it to competitions across the country and encouraging those who visit us to try it for themselves.

In the 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition, our Viognier 2019 received a Double Gold award, judged amongst thousands of other wines. Vinepair dubbed this same vintage one of the 28 Best White Wines for 2021. Savor Virginia Magazine Reader's Choice 2021 honored it with a Gold. Most recently, our Viognier was awarded a Gold by the 2020 Virginia Governor's Cup.

So, what is the secret to our Viognier?

It is the passion and dedication of the people who care for the vineyards, who craft the wine, and who advocate for its place among the top wines in the world. With every award, we are proud to advance the reputation of Virginian wine, with Virginia's own state grape.

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Anabelle Nuelle
March 9, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

We are Open!

We will now be open 11 am - 6 pm, Thursday through Sunday. With the cold behind us and the sun in the sky, we are so excited to welcome you back to our property in view of Monticello. When you arrive at our gate, you’ll notice a few exciting changes including a large tent to offer you shelter from the rain or shade from the sun. In our menu, you’ll find our semi-sweet Vin Blanc wine now included in our Mixed Flight and a Malbec (our only vintage) offered by the glass and in our Red Flight.

To kick off the season, we hope you'll enjoy our Limited Release Vintages and Wine Shop. Our Viognier 2019, Cabernet Franc 2019, and Petit Verdot-based Jefferson's Own Estate Reserve 2016 were each awarded Gold Medals in the 2021 Virginia Governor's Cup. We are honored to receive recognition for varietals that define Virginia as a wine-growing region. 

Please note, we are now accepting groups of 8 including children. Masks are required and though we have more space available, we will close our gates once parking capacity is reached. Please visit our Visitation Policies page for additional detail.

We cannot wait to welcome you back to celebrate our 40th Anniversary together. Cheers!

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Anabelle Nuelle
March 2, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

Virginia Governor's Cup Honors Jefferson Vineyards with Three Gold Medals

Jefferson Vineyards is thrilled to be awarded three gold medals in the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup. Our 2019 Viognier, 2019 Cabernet Franc, and our Petit Verdot based 2016 Jefferson’s Own Estate Reserve each was awarded gold medals, highlighting the quality of fruit and craftsmanship across Jefferson Vineyards' wines.

 The accolades awarded by the Virginia Governor’s Cup celebrate the craftsmanship of our winemaking team, Chris Ritzcovan and David Woodside, as well as the hard work of our vineyard team. Their combined efforts and ceaseless commitment continue our 40-year tradition of crafting high-quality wine.

Jefferson Vineyards is honored by the recognition our Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot based Estate Reserve have received. Each of these varietals defines Virginia as a growing region. To have received recognition within Virginia’s top varietals such as Viognier, the state grape, and Petit Verdot, is thus especially humbling, reaffirming both our investment and dedication to these programs.

Jefferson's Own Estate Reserve 2016 was crafted solely from the estate’s finest Petit Verdot fruit. This oak-driven red boasts a powerful spice and fig bouquet with a balanced acidity and plum on the palate. The already highly awarded Viognier 2019 opens with intricate floral notes, white peach and nectarine on the nose, the palate is delicate and balanced, before a round and floral finish with a lingering acidity. The Cabernet Franc 2019 vintage is marked by aromas of dark cherry and vanilla, with a palate of piercing cherry, blackberry, and black pepper. In the finish, one tastes candied cherry and vanilla with a balanced acidity, medium tannins and hints of oak. 

Jefferson Vineyards congratulates all of our fellow wineries, as well as the organizers of this year’s Virginia Governor’s Cup event. Together, we expand and advance the reputation of Virginia’s exceptional wines and wineries.

We will be reopening our doors to visitors on March 11, and warmly invite visitors to enjoy our award-winning red and white wines this Spring. In the meantime, you will find our Triple Gold Bundle available in our online store for a limited time. Committed to memorable wine, experiences and education, we continue in Jefferson’s own viticultural dream. 

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