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Another Double Gold Viognier Win!

Most Awarded Winery For Virginia's State Grape?  We Think So.

We are deeply humbled to have received another top award for Virginia's state grape, Viognier!  Our recently released 2019 Viognier won a Double Gold at this year's 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition, the largest North American wine competition with over 7,000 entries.  Our 2019 Viognier joins other Best In Class, Platinum, Double Gold and Gold awards for Jefferson Vineyard Viognier vintages, stretching as far back as 2008.

A BIG congratulations to our winemaking team, Chris Ritzcovan and David Woodside, for creating high quality Viognier year after year.  We are thrilled to champion Virginia’s state grape at national scale and be a part of the dynamic Virginia wine industry.

Here's a look at our top Viognier awards received since 2008.

2020 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2022 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

2019 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2020 San Francisco International

2018 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2020 San Francisco Chronicle
BEST IN CLASS, 2019 Atlantic Seaboard

2016 Viognier
GOVERNOR'S CASE & GOLD, 2018 VA Governor’s Cup
GOLD, 2017 San Francisco International
GOLD, 2017 Atlantic Seaboard

2015 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2016 San Francisco Chronicle
GOVERNOR'S CASE & GOLD, 2018 VA Governor’s Cup
GOLD, 2016 Jefferson Cup Invitational

2013 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2014 San Francisco International
PLATINUM, 2014 Virginia Wine Lover Magazine

2012 Viognier
CUP & GOLD, 2013 Jefferson Cup Invitational

2010 Viognier
CUP & GOLD, 2011 Jefferson Cup Invitational

2009 Viognier
PLATINUM, 2010 Virginia Wine Lover

2008 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2009 Jefferson Invitational
GOLD, San Francisco International

2007 Viognier
DOUBLE GOLD, 2008 Finger Lakes International
GOLD, 2008 San Diego International

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