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Anabelle Nuelle
October 13, 2022 | 40th Anniversary, Our People | Anabelle Nuelle

The Incredible Guzman Family

For fourteen years, Hector Guzman and his family have cared for our vines.  He, his wife, and his children have each participated in caring for our precious vineyards.

“I love to work in agriculture,” Hector told us, and it is his extensive agricultural experience that brought him to Jefferson Vineyards. “I like and appreciate this place,” he continues, “Working in the countryside is also something very beautiful and it relaxes me.” Every day, he looks after every vine – doing all work by hand to ensure the vines receive the utmost care. “Thinning the canopy and leaf pulling are my favorite part of taking care of the vines” he explains. These critical processes take place over the summer months – a careful hand-made adjustment of the vines’ canopy to offer the grapes just the right degree of air and light to thrive.

Emily, Hector’s daughter, joined her father in caring for our vines about three years ago. She takes after her father in his enthusiasm and skill: “I enjoy working with my family and at Jefferson Vineyards because it is a very calm and happy place where I can still enjoy time with my family and learn more about the care of the vines that my dad knows of.  Like how to take care of the vines for them to grow healthy.  This year has been a great grape picking season and it was great due to all the great work my dad and everyone who helped him out to take care of the vines throughout the whole year.”

You’ll find Hector and his family most happily caring for the Chardonnay vines in our spectacular Upper Vineyard with views stretching across our estate’s rolling hills. Each task is completed by hand, each vine receives the ultimate care. It is to Hector and his family that we owe the vigor of our vines and the quality of our fruit. We are deeply grateful to have them as part of our team.


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