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Petit Verdot Queen of Reds!

Petit Verdot, dare we say the Queen of Reds? This Bordeaux varietal is bold and certainly doesn’t follow the rules. She’s a rebel in the most beautiful way. I imagine her quoting Mark Twain, “life is short, break the rules”. And just like any respectable queen, Petit Verdot is the shining star of our red program. Her name means “small green” due to the slow ripening process. As well, Petit Verdot is quite age-worthy.  Diva status, 100%.  

Jefferson Vineyards has been showcasing Petit Verdot since 2001. Traditionally a blending grape, Petit Verdot has made a name of her own. This varietal is packed with dark fruit and alluring aromas. The bold, tannic, and full bodied structure make this the perfect autumn wine. The thick dark skins lend to its rich inky color. Our winemaking team love to play with this grape and have consistently made multiple iterations for each vintage.  To get you in the rebellious spirit, wine wise of course, we have curated three exceptional Petit Verdot's from two exceptional years (2017 and 2019).  All in celebration of October - Virginia wine month.  Enjoy!!!

Queen of Reds, Petit Verdot

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Raspberry, black tea, and bright tannins

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Caramel, dark fruits and a bold finish

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Romantic violet and vibrant cherry 

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Prominent oak, with plum and tart cherry

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