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Let's Celebrate LOVE! 

This month let’s celebrate love. Love of self. Love of life. Love of this beautiful farm we call Jefferson Vineyards. Love of the cold weather that will hopefully kill off the dreaded summer bugs.

Let’s celebrate all love, big and small. Here at Jefferson Vineyards we love all aspects of farming and winemaking. Even the unglamorous ones. February is the start of pruning season. This is where it all begins. The vineyard team is busy pruning the vines to get ready for the spring growing season. Currently, the vines are dormant and need a “haircut” to ensure they are healthy and ready to flourish this year. Our team cuts back the canes from the previous year leaving a few buds for growing shoots. Fingers-crossed, we have no late spring frosts.

For February, we are offering a limited bundle of 3 beautiful library wines to help you celebrate life and love. Selections include our 2019 Malbec, 2016 Petit Verdot, and 2014 Meritage. These wines exemplify love for our land and our amazing winemaking/vineyard team.

Black cherry and toasted fig.

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Vanilla aromas with mocha and berry flavors

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Our first Malbec varietal

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Let's Celebrate Love

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