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Anabelle Nuelle
July 15, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

In the Winery: Bottling Whites and Preparing for Harvest

On July 28th, we continue with the exciting process of bottling wines. Not too long ago, we bottled red wines, soon we will bottle white wines. Of the white wines to be bottled is our 2020 Viognier, our flagship white, and two new 2019 white wines: Riesling Reserve and a dessert-style wine (more details coming soon). In bottling wine, we package a new vintage to be enjoyed. Around the same time, our team begins preparing for an entirely new harvest. All of our harvest equipment must be prepared for the harvest season ahead. Cleaned, sanitized, and checked to ensure all is in order. In a few short weeks, our team will begin testing the fruit and waiting for harvest to begin.

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Anabelle Nuelle
June 17, 2021 | Anabelle Nuelle

In the Winery - Blending & Bottling

Before blending and bottling our wines, our winemaking team experiments with different blends to create the best possible wines. Considering everything from varietal to the influence of a particular barrel, we pick and choose to create wines that best display a particular vintage. Varieties are blended to create consistency and to enhance elements in the finished wine, elements that vary from vintage to vintage. Barrel-aged wines differ from barrel to barrel, each lending unique characteristics to the wine with which we determine the best blends. Trial by trial, the best iteration of the wine becomes clear. On June 16th, we bottled four more of your favorite reds from the spectacular 2019 vintage: Meritage, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Estate Reserve.  Once the reds are bottled, we’ll begin preparing our 2020 Viognier, our latest vintage. Before late July, we’ll do additional trial blends, cold and protein stabilize the wine before filtering and finally bottling this delicate, golden-hued wine.

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