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Library Wine Tasting

Our library wines are a reflection of our thirty-nine year winemaking journey, highlighting some of our most exquisite vintages and age-worthy wines. Library wine tastings offer guests the opportunity to taste these highly awarded and often unavailable wines. 

Starting February 17, we are opening our cellars to the last bottles of some very limited older vintages.  Because of our very limited quantities in some of our older vintages, we will select what we pour.  Four Cabernet Franc wines will be tasted first including a Reserve 2007, 2009, the highly awarded 2010 and a 2012.  Our next tasting will feature a 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008 Merlot Reserve, 2009 Estate Reserve and a 2012 Estate Reserve. 

Experience these wines Mondays through Fridays in our tasting room, while supplies last. Tastings are $25 and include a high quality crystal Riedel souvenir glass.