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Novel Coronavirus Cleaning Protocols
We Care About Your Safety & Health

At Jefferson Vineyards our cleaning and sanitation standards have always been stringent.  In late February we applied an even stricter protocol.  Here are some of the measures we are taking: 

  1.   Staff clean hands regularly and some wear gloves to pour wine.
  2.   All building doors, door edges, door handles, bathroom areas, closets and light switches are wiped down and disinfected several times a day.
  3.   Fridge door handles, side of fridge doors, dishwasher handle, faucets are wiped down with disinfecting wipes.
  4.   Customer tables and chairs are wiped down with disinfecting wipes or spray.
  5.   iPads and their protective cases are disinfected several times a day with wipes.
  6.   All bottles of wine are being stocked by staff using gloves.
  7.   Dishes are cleaned by staff using gloves which are later discarded.  Safe glove removal is practiced.
  8.   Shared foods like crackers for wine tastings and olive oil dispensers have been removed from customer use.
  9.   Cuspidors (wine spittons) have been removed from wine tastings.
  10.   Pens and especially wine keys used to open bottles of wine are wiped down and disinfected several times a day.
  11.   Per ABC protocol we are not allowing customers to touch any wine bottles, including the ones we use to pour wine with.
  12.   All staff members who are sick must stay home and not come to work. 

Though we'd love to give hugs and handshakes, at the present time we will postpone these and share our cheer with you.

Following are some useful links:

Centers For Disease Control & Prevention

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