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January Special: Connection To Place

As we look towards our 40th Anniversary, we take stock of all that has defined us.  This month, we celebrate our "terroir”.  This French term refers the inextricable traits given to grapes by the place in which they are grown.  The relationship of place to final product is magnified in a glass of wine.  What rolling hills, what sun the seasons drank, what flora too grows - all can be sensed.  As you enjoy these curated wines, know what you taste is an expression of origin, a connection to a place.  To learn more about what makes our terroir and wines special, please visit our blog here.

Beautifully aged Estate Reserve treasures

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SKU: Estate Reserve Bundle ('12, '13, '15)

Epitomizing our 2016 and 2017 vintages

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SKU: Estate Reserve Bundle ('16, '17, '17)

Our first Malbec varietal

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Only made during the best vintages. 

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Gift wine for months to come.

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